Our Vision is to make your Choice Matters for all your Training needs.

Our Mission is to contribute to your Success by providing High Quality Products and IN-House Professional Training to EVERY SINGLE TEAM MEMBER of your Organization at an affordable investment.

We Value:
EVERY PERSON who wants to Learn;
EVERY TEAM who wants to Succeed;
EVERY ORGANIZATION who wants to Grow;
EVERY COMMUNITY who wants to Raise Great Citizens.

Eng. Youssef Khoury, holder of a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan - USA, where he lived for 15 years. Worked at ITT Corporation, Chrysler Corporation, and Saturn/General Motors.

Awarded the ITT Corporation "President's Gold Ring Award" for Outstanding Leadership (The youngest Team Leader at ITT to receive such an award).

Currently works as an Automotive Engineering Consultant for MOTION s.a.l.; Instructor in "Production and Operations Management" at LAU - Beirut;

Owner of Matters® - Training & Consultancy, which provides Consultancy to many Organizations and Training to their Team Leaders and Team Members.

Designer and Owner of The Planner Matters®; the First and Only Professional Time Management Tool "Made in Lebanon" that is supported by an Energizing Professional Seminar:

The 10+1 Matters for a Balanced & Successful Life

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